Darren Stanton Biog


Darren is affectionately known by the media as the Human Lie Detector thanks to his ability to instantly unravel the tics and tells that give away our lies and deceit that we think we can hide so well.

Aside from this very unique attribute Darren, an ex-policeman, hosts an array of other skills including predicting and influencing human behaviour, motivation, deception detection, body language and public speaking, and is also a trained clinical hypnotist.

Darren’s passion for presenting has already seen him baffle the big names on BBC’s “The One Show” and ITV’s “This Morning” as well as helping “Judge Rinder” spot the liars in his court on ITV and interpreting the body language of top sports personalities on Sky Sports.

Darren has also appeared on “Question Time” for their General Election Special, “Big Questions” with Nicky Campbell and “Russia Today”.

Aside from his television work, Darren has written for Cosmopolitan, Heat, Marie Claire and contributed to articles for all the broadsheets and red top newspapers such as the Daily Mirror and The Sun. Darren is an easy going, fun loving contributor with bags of banter who never fails to inspire, excite and entertain.

For more information, or to book Darren, please email info@presentersinc.co.uk