Ali Jennings Biog


Dr Ali Jennings is a super clever scientist who happens to be funny, creative and compelling on camera according to BBC executives at the Natural History Unit. Science is his thing; how it works, where it’s headed and what it means to you and me. He has a PHD in neuroscience and now concentrates on producing and presenting his own films about various aspects of science for Inside Science TV in the US which is part of the American Institute of Physics. He has also featured on digital show Hackshow as a expert contributor and will soon present a programme on the science of storytelling on Sky Arts. Ali is a regular on radio and in print expanding on the world of science as he knows it.  His own Youtube channel, Aliheartscience, garnered a loyal following for it’s refreshingly raw and funny take on the world of science straight from the lab bench.

Ali is a natural explorer and the notion of fellow scientists heroically pushing the boundaries doing their research in dangerous places with rebel militia around or in the shadow of tetchy volcanoes really appeals to him; so he went to East Africa and made his own ‘Wild Science’ films. He is currently developing new and exciting ideas with various award winning programme makers using his unique, wry slant on science. He also lectures at the London outpost of the Florida State University.

He says ‘From the depths of spiral galaxies, to the intricate machinery of a cell, when a scientist sees the wide unknown they have only one thing on their mind: button up the white coat, order take-out to the lab, and plunge in headfirst. When they surface, I’m here to help let the rest of the world know what they’ve found.’

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